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Continental Strength SHAME AKA ‘A drunk british girl “dances” with a guy at this year’s Notting Hill Carnival’

Yes fellow Brits, as the title of the clip suggests, this is how they see OUR version of the HOT GHETTO MESS, as over-weight teenage creatures, attempting to ‘dagger’, filled to the brim with cheap grog and dancehall and ineffectual in the impediment of a little continental strength street dancing with some dazzling young urbanites

It’s the YOUTUBE comments that add to the joy with this new viral, bare/ bare jokes, get involved with your views on this simulated ‘prison rape’. Apparently in the time it has taken me to watch and type this, I’ve discovered that the lady has been outed by Youtube commentors, and you can pull her card on her Facebook page too, should you wish. Is this officially the age of the worldwidemob and digital lynching. She’ll either end up with ‘her story’ on the box later in the year, or throwin herself in front of a bendy-bus before the weeks out

Shouts to Jon Snows mate Ollie O over at BNTL for blessing us

err, no.

me thinks she is trying to hard.

she must need the money.sheeeet.

“premature mackin’, fucking up all the action”

the faces they pull…

looking for a date.?..skin up.

“NO apple for you, come back one year !”

We have no words