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“i’m robbing infants for ten cents”

For a dude who threatened you constantly, talking bout how good he was, and how hard his ‘hood was, Lamont was one of the greatest New York rap singers ever. For me personally, he was better than Biggie. yeah, i said it.

A new flick about his life [hopefully not a whitewash, like the others], where the most foul, gangsta dudes suddenly turn into angels who love their mom, and never sold drugs.

Metaphor master, hhe lived by the gun, and died by it. He sure could rap though…


completely hypocritical, after “streetstruck”, but dope, none the less…

d.i.t.c tribute.actually touching…

Big L – Lifestyles of Da Poor and Dangerous [320]

Click on images for ‘On The Go Interview’ from 1995