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Evidence – You

just doin’ my bit for real rap music. so many gems dropped, and it gets deeper with every listen. i think i’m only really checking for about ten dudes in 2011, Evidence is one of them..and real nice to hear someone cutting havoc’s verse from shook one’s, not p’s…guwan mickey!


Bizmarkie Pro-Keds…

Sure, there have been a trailer-load of Rapper endorsed sneaks in the past, so get excited and whoop loudly, here’s another, nooch. This time the ‘Ripstop 69er Lo’ has been re-branded by the ‘crack squads of savvy motivated personnel’ at Pro-Keds.

It’s a nice shoe, I just cant buy into buying a shoe with the face of the Inhuman Orchestra on the tongue, as well as the insole/ footbed whatever it is. I cannot and will not put my foot on an unattractive mans face [pause]…

The Black/ Navy looks grown, premium leathers by the looks, a shoe that probably suits Biz’ flat-feet, but not mine. Im a mid-man mostly, anyways my inner man-fan is more about the Flash Drive than anything. Novelty factor high.

Alternatively, you could head to Crooked Tongues, pick up a pair of the canvas looking ‘ripstop nylon’ Ripstops for 25 bills and draw Biz’ resplendent features on yerself. That’s half price, plus the cost of Sharpies

If you wanna know more about Bizmarkie Pro-Keds, give the Hanon lot a shout, theyre up in Aberdeen, good peoples…

Sneaker riots, still ? Really people ?

How many years after the previous melee over the Pigeon SB is this kinda blinkered shite still happening? This is not cool, no matter how cool a shoe design is. Dont you get it kids, the marketing men are laughin at ye, hard. Yer an ad mans wet-dream.

Catch a houl of yerself!

DJ Clark Kent & Bobbito Garcia Live in London tonight AKA Sneakerpedia Beta Launch w/ bonus DJ Clark Kent & Marley Marl on WBLS 1989/ 1990

Sneakerpedia is a project with financial backing from Footlocker being launched in London today, the 8th of December, it’s shaping up to be THE photo and information sneaker resource for serious collectors and trainer man-fans worldwide. The sites BETA launch is this evening – #spbetalaunch @Sneakerpedia

The event sees a rare appearance from DJ Clark Kent and DJ Cucumber Slice aka Bobbito Garcia at the Queen of Hoxton from 7.30pm

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If you fancy a wee reminder of DJ Clark Kents talents, here’s a fresh tape rip from New York Radio Station WBLS, from around 89/ 90

DJ Clark Kent & Marley Marl on WBLS – 1989/ 1990

LL – Mama Said Knock You Out
Gangstarr – Just to Get A Rep
Special Ed – On a Mission
LL – Around The Way Girl
Craig G – U-R-Not The 1
Intelligent Hoodlum – Back to Reality
Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It [Remix]
Run DMC – Back To Hell
Afros – Afrolistics
Terminator X – Buck Whylin
Kool G Rap – Men At Work
Big Daddy Kane – Cos I Can Do It Right
Big Daddy Kane – Raw
Chubb Rock in Studio
Madonna – Justify My Love
LL – Boomin System


Nepotism is a terrible thing to waste…


‘Awaydays’ is a British film about a British culture, specifically, the culture of fashion and the association with football terraces, amongst other things. Biggest respect to Robert Elms.

There’s also a fascinatin one on one interview with Writer Kevin Sampson over at Tim Lovejoys spot….

For the sneaker collecting lemmings of today, this short clip alone, is a history lesson.

‘Awaydays’ is released in the UK tomorrow, 22 May

“ah, where was i….oh yes”

to be honest, ladles and jellyspoons, i apologise. i lost focus, and generally fell out of love for this blogging shit for a minute.but.

sirstyles is back!, and letting everybody, including suckers, know what i’m all about.music-art-fashion-sex-crime-wise.

first up, some new diamond d…..even if he was a new artist, and didn’t have at least one classic behind him, this is still damn good.the slow flow kills it, the voice is buttery, and he even mentions jewman!

if you don’t know, step your nickapedia game up.

anyways, as my man gary glitter once said “it’s good to be back!”.enjoy.

Run DMC – London interview circa March ’85

Old Grey Whistle Test clip broadcast in March 1985 featuring RUN, DMC and JMJ being interviewed by ‘restraining order ignoring’ Andy Kershaw underneath the Westway in Ladbroke Grove, London

Peep the jackets, for a label they werent on !! Dang…