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33.and a third.

that is all.

why would you possibly hate this dude?

timothy de la ghetto.opinionatr.orator,too much informator…and super-wigga.


dude’s funny.

Christmas in Hollis

it’s only right, JMJ RIP

white boy day, part 4080

south cali’s most dangerous white trash, Subnoise

at first i thought “wigger” too – then…

fightin’ shit


party shit


Sarah Silverman Schlepprockin’…

A very funny, hot lady, oh so hot…and so right

“We’re here to celebrate Jerry Stiller. My grandmother’s favorite actor. She says you make her damp”

His son Ben, Jason Alexander, Sussie Essman, Kevin James, Jeffrey Ross and plenty more, tear comedy legend Jerry Stiller a new asshole at his Comedy Roast from 1999

Jerry Stiller – Comedy Roast Audio

Get off your tuchas !

That’s perverse !!

Who’s Seinfeld?

get well, soon..

surviving plan crashes, now?

private plane crashes, kills four, but our whiteboy of the year,travis barker and dj am,survived…daym.

200 deep!

we are 200 today!

tell your friends.