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MTV Mini-Doc about sampling – 1988

Just another one of those slightly twee docs from the MTV crowd during the late-80s, but quite interestin and at times quite funny. It features¬† very main-scream examples of a few version-excursions, De La EPK footage, and short talking heads interviews with Bob Clearmountain, Kool Moe Dee, Tom Petty of all people, as well as Jonathon Moore and Matt Black from Coldcut showing us erm, ‘How it’s done’…

One of the highlights in this clip is LL shootin the gift. Here’s a bonus LL nugget. LL is ON FIRE in the studio with P-Fine. If youve ever enjoyed his early Rick Rubin gear, listen to this…

P-Fine WNYU Rap This! – LL Cool J Interview [1986] -www.mediafire.com/?bjicivblkqyvb34

New Cassetteboy

Still killin it with the chops

OFFICIAL adidas x Snoop Dogg x HVW8 present: The Dogg House

words dont really do this clip justice.just let snoop grab the mic and flex over dam funk instrumentals..he’s is the last actual freestyler who’s a major.

listen to these fucking hipsters barely applauding a rap legend. makes me sick.

The Overlord of Fresh Live in 1989 AKA Three Times Dope on Arsenio

Hilltop Hustlers Chuck Nice, Woody [Duerwood Beale] Wood and The Overlord of Fresh EST, collectively known as 3D, perform Funky Dividends on The Arsenio Hall Show back in 89. If you axe us, Michelle, the lead in this tale of fiscal woe, was ‘everything but a sleazebag slut’. First she was with Steady B, then when pressed during this live performance, she attests to spendin time with Kool Moe Dee as well, allegedly he ‘had it all’ [sans the Liz Claiborne]. He had some silly eyewear we know that much

NB. If I wanted to sport the EST hair-style, what would I need to axe for?

Bonus Version Excursion…

As Westwood used to say “let’s take it from the break to the beat…”

and have something really BOOM>

how come no-one ever got at sting for the fake jamaican accent on “walkin’ on di moon”?cos the po-lice(even more frustration for the black man) were dope.wiggers with attitude, and a dope drummer, in stuart copeland. no relation to devin..seems they inspired someone, though..



dj Funktuall sits down and chops it up with electro legends, newcleus. his interviews are becoming his strength..respect.

Westwood – Capital Rap Show Saturday 19 January 1991

‘Live from the science lab, were schooling ruling and a cooling’ allegedly…

Here’s a Westwood show from 20 years ago this weekend…

Timmy had obviously just received his copy of Breaking Atoms as he drops a heap of ‘specials’ including a world premiere of Snake Eyes and Think. It’s the Saturday night show, so there are a few popcorn cuts as well as tracks from Stets Blood, Sweat & No Tears, the KRS produced H.E.A.L. project and of course the Break to the Beat comp. There’s a segment of a Guy interview from another night at the end of Side B too, cant remember if thats from the night before or not. Any info appreciated. If anyone is holdin the Main Source interview from the night before, hit us up. Dont forget to call in for those Cool J tickets.

Big shouts to anyone that ever attended The Slammer in Gravesend [pause]

Westwood – Capital Rap Show Saturday 19 January 1991 Side A

Westwood – Capital Rap Show Saturday 19 January 1991 Side B

The making of “hold you down”

nice seeing this old footage of al and rapper p, coming up with that shit that we all love…i’m a real sucker for studio footage, and home studio footage of al while he was still in ny(?) is even more interresin’, knomesayn?..dopeness.