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Heavy Duty Breaks – Heavy Duty Breaks

Listed as one of the earliest DJ Mix albums, this is from 85. It was produced by Youth and Evil Eddie Richards. Go on erm, Evil Edward.

This is Electro when it had an industrial drive to it, what could easily be the soundtrack bedding to a mid-Eighties Sunday morning Channel 4 magazine program in a feature about fashion in London. Think Foetus on the Wheel and Cabaret Voltaire fighting at a bus stop with the Egyptian Lover. Easy.

It comes in two parts and it’s only the Bonus you really need. There are two sections to it, one reg at about 104 BPM and one pretty darned chipper bit at about 130. Oh, and it’s a megamix of all the artists from an early home of Throbbing Gristle –  Illuminated Records [23 Skidoo, Sex Gang Children etc]…