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Mark the 45 Thing


Super dopey producer DJ Mark the 45 King makes for another perplexing sit down with Prince Paul in this latest installment of his Making The Beat series of ‘Talk shows’…


As it was with #1, Paul is the consummate pro, even when Mr James drops some real smart-dumb cat ihst. As youd expect, Paul is entertaining, interesting,¬†accomodating and downright safe as feck. The camera angles are jokes too, Mark hasnt sussed out that even with all the finest tech, it would be refreshing for the viewer to see the interviewees face as he’s being interviewed.

Keep up Mark, you blazed a trail, looks like you been blazing too much recently. Lay off the pop-tarts, make a beat already and dig out that Breakout tape for fecks sake. Now who’s up for a game of chess?

Bizmarkie Pro-Keds…

Sure, there have been a trailer-load of Rapper endorsed sneaks in the past, so get excited and whoop loudly, here’s another, nooch. This time the ‘Ripstop 69er Lo’ has been re-branded by the ‘crack squads of savvy motivated personnel’ at Pro-Keds.

It’s a nice shoe, I just cant buy into buying a shoe with the face of the Inhuman Orchestra on the tongue, as well as the insole/ footbed whatever it is. I cannot and will not put my foot on an unattractive mans face [pause]…

The Black/ Navy looks grown, premium leathers by the looks, a shoe that probably suits Biz’ flat-feet, but not mine. Im a mid-man mostly, anyways my inner man-fan is more about the Flash Drive than anything. Novelty factor high.

Alternatively, you could head to Crooked Tongues, pick up a pair of the canvas looking ‘ripstop nylon’ Ripstops for 25 bills and draw Biz’ resplendent features on yerself. That’s half price, plus the cost of Sharpies

If you wanna know more about Bizmarkie Pro-Keds, give the Hanon lot a shout, theyre up in Aberdeen, good peoples…

Alan Partridge’s Mid Morning Matters – Episode 7

‘Have you seen Duck Soup by the Marx Brothers’

araabMETALMUZIK Vol. 1

Like whoa!?!keep fronting on this dude at your peril..

A Night in New York: Live Improv Session with:

araabMUZIK (Dipset) – Drums/MPC
Inhaler (Syphilitic Lust) – Bass
Teeth (Villains) – Guitar

Cassetteboy, still doin it real big…

As I hung at casa-Styles last week, an old Cassetteboy track shuffled across the [Johnny] Brennan hard-disk music player display and as ever, had me chuckling heartily

I always liked Cassetteboy with his acerbic cutting and pasting of general pop-cultural ephemera, all while ripping the pish clean out of perfectly ordinary people

Good to see some things never change…

Here he rips the arse out of some Essex themed hellavision show as well as the Harry Potter series of filims…

There’s plenty more on his Youtube channel, get involved

Here’s his 2002 full-lengther, The Parker Tapeshttp://www.megaupload.com/?d=8EY4UBU3

Paul Simon has bitches in his living room getting it on, and they arent leaving until six in the morning, allegedly…

Chris Rock & Tracy Morgan perform Snoops Gin & Juice together with Paul Simon as part of some Comedy Central telethon joint, celebrities still answer the phones on these things?

As ever Morgan is as sharp as a tack. Youll see, just wait for the ‘Will-I-Am good’ auto-tune…


The moment that the runner draped Bobby like he was JB was the happiest of his life, aside from when he banged Shitney for the second time