A tribute to Michael Rapaport

Don’t worry he isn’t dead, it just kinda feels like he is.
Michael Rapaport is one of this generations unsung talents. A great actor who isn’t afraid to send himself up. And at hotasballs we like that kind of mentality. In a field of self righteous demigods that is modern Hollywood, Rapaport stands out as a man that knows the ‘ledge.

Sure he could faggot-ass around chasing starlet tail, he could make some self-important, feel good summer blockbuster, but we get the impression that he’d rather have fun, watch a Knicks game and drink a beer.

Oh, and homeboy raps too.

Check these vids out to see what we mean.
Michael Rapaport, HOTASBALLS salutes you.

We can only assume that Glen Frey wouldn’t clear a sample, therefore Blackstreet were sent in to massacre his original.

Check the stylish miners hat…

Real life raps

and again…

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