Mel Brooks wont be happy….

Whatever happened to ‘real bad boys move in silence’ eh?

This is all gettin a wee bit playground if ya aks us !

Kels is makin a name for himself as the black Gary Glitter, my man !

Remember kids, uncle fiddlin’ is wrong !

Oh, nobody mention Steph Lova ….

Fuck Punk Snitch Bitch Flex speaks out on Kels

Fat Faizon Love goes hard on Flex [So homo]

2 responses to “Mel Brooks wont be happy….

  1. What the fuck is faison’s problem, does he support r kelly or something? Fuck what r kelly had to go through. Faison is my man but he’s out of pocket on this one. R kelly deserves to be locked down with all the other pedophiles and rapists.

  2. thanks for the comment.
    the roundabout way flex is talking bout’ kells is lame also.

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