C2C and IE Merg on Radio 1 essential mix

This extremely dope 2 hour mix was originally broadcast on Pete Tong’s dance music crazy essential mix in 2005 I think.

In Pete’s own words they were trying something different that week, in fact I think the last time Pete Tong did anything remotely hip hop was when his voice was sampled for Can I Kick it? (His is the droll English tone saying “A Tribe Called Quest”)

The first hour was handled by France’s C2C who at time of broadcast had won the DMC team title 3 years in a row. It’s mostly bangers cut up and individual team member routines and a whole lot of cuts. Fairly standard fare, but expertly executed.

The second half is a dope mix by IE Merg making a vast left turn from the standard hip hop DJ set. Instead you can hear disco, no-wave and a whole host of stuff that I can’t be arsed to categorise. No rap records, but it’s still hip hop if you get my meaning.

As this mix is from a national radio broadcast there are a few minor gripes such as talking over the mix, constant reminders of what you’re listening to and mainly the fact that the first 5 minutes are taken up by “here, c’mere” Fergie talking about hard house and the final 5 are radio 1’s upcoming schedule. But until we have time to give it an edit this will have to do.


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