DJ Mek – Rakim: The Microphone Fiend [Special Mix]

A month from today, the Lord Kid Wizard Rakim is due to perform in Dublin for the first, and more than likely, the last time. To celebrate, here’s another fine set from Dublins finest DJ Mek.

Move the Crowd
My Melody
Microphone Fiend
It’s a Must
Strong island
It’s been a long time
New York [Ya out there]
Guess who’s Back
When i B on tha Mic
Eric B for President
The R
Paid in Full
Set em Straight
Heat ‘em Up
I Aint No Joke
Casualties of War
I Know You Got Soul
Dont Sweat the Technique
The Punisher
Lyrics of Fury
Pass the Hand Grenade
Follow the Leader

3 responses to “DJ Mek – Rakim: The Microphone Fiend [Special Mix]

  1. nice post…feeling this.

  2. this mix is poppin been listening to it for months when ever I feel down and low on energy this picks me right up

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