An Ode to New York

Not much to say other than the visuals to this are beautiful and the Steinski influenced soundtrack has a nice throwback instrumental sound…

One response to “An Ode to New York

  1. Agreed. Great archive footage just shows you how powerful those old girls were. I quite like the audio but thought T Plays It Cool didn’t really ‘fit’ well. Nice samples though, regardless.
    Just reminded me of a current trailer Channel 5/Fiver/someone are showing at the moment of De Niro’s Taxi Driver. Feckin’ hilarious ‘cos you know how dark the film is, right? Well they’re making out it’s some kind of love story between Bobby and Cybil…. which it is… kinda…
    Just trying to keep a straight face when the chick-flick brigade tune in and see where De Niro goes for his first date. Ho-hum.

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