DJ Stretch Armstrong Show featuring Bobbito the Barber on WKCR – 26 October 1995 [presented by DJ Roc Raida]

Aside from the sibilance of Side B compared to Side A, it’s a pretty good quality tape. I didnt edit any of it, its exactly as the original Fat Beats cassette, but there are chops in there… not guilty. There’s no Stretch in the studio and pretty much all the vinyl is dropped by Roc Raida, naturally he tore it up…

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Feat DJ Roc Raida


AZ Feat Nas – Gimme Yours
Method Man Feat Redman – How High [Original Version]
KRS One Feat Das EFX – Represent The Real Hip Hop
Crooklyn Dodgers ’95 – Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers
Mic Geronimo – Lifecheck
WU – Ice Cream
[Bobb intros Roc Raida]…
Sadat X & Akinyele – Loud Hangover
? – Freestyle [MC on his lunch-break?]
KRS1 – Rappaz R N Danja
Show & AG – Medicine
Junior Mafia – Get Money


Non-Phixion, Serch, Sabac, Goretex and Necro et cet [Live/ Freestyles]
Rakim & Eric B – Eric B for President
Superlover Cee – Girls I Got Em Locked
Run DMC – Peter Piper
Group Home – Livin Proof [Instrumental]
Necro, Sabac, Serch, Goretex [Freestyles]
OC – Ozone
Crime Fam – Scotch On The Rocks
Biggie – Dead Wrong
Dr. Octagon – Biology 101

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