Roc Raida & X-Men on WNYU

3 responses to “Roc Raida & X-Men on WNYU

  1. Wow, this is just so weird to me. I taped from this show as much as I could, especially for the Half A Mill and Natural elements freestyles and demos. the problem for me was that I was in Jersey and could barely get a signal most of the time. I don’t believe i ever seen the inside of that studio aside from Eclipse in this century with his anniversaries. This is nuts man. Pretty surreal, thanks!!

  2. nice find.
    those routines make me want to turn on the 1200’s and destroy some classic hip hop vinyl.

  3. cheers Verge No doubt, we dont usually do the whole RIP tribute thing but this clip tore my hair-line back an inch at least, seeing the studio and watching the video of routines that I’d heard so many times was incredible

    @Leo, I hear ye fella – The meta detail on some of the juggling was beyond tight. Im still blown away by some of the Rob Swift sections, and of course watchin a skinny Riz just playin the wall with Pete Rock almost excluded from proceedings in the door-way adds to this iconic clip…

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