Heavy D – His final Interview…

Broadcasting pioneer Tim Westwood may be hosting a drive-time show on the BBC, but in between the Estelles, the Tinchys, the Professor Greens and the Drakes of this world, he still finds time to interview some of Hip-Hops erm, biggest hitters…

The Overweighter passed through the1 Xtra studios recently to discuss the Jamaican roots of Hip-Hop, acting as chaperone to high-school attendee Pete Rock while he performed on Marleys In Control show, the size of Petes feet, and the true story of how Troy Dixon passed, amongst other topical issues…

EDIT: This was posted just a few hours before learning of the news…

3 responses to “Heavy D – His final Interview…

  1. RIP Heavy D

  2. Jesus Dan, that is pretty awful news. Cant believe I spotted the interview on this day. 44 is not old, god bless the big mans family…..

  3. Just watched this now. Talk about coincidence….
    I damn near had tears in my eyes at the end of this. RIP indeed to Heavy D. A completely selfless guy who only ever did good.
    ‘Only the good die young’ is an oft-overused phrase but so apt in this scenario.

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