Fat Lace Spodcast # 8 – Presented by Daniel Large and Andrew Huge

Biggest New Year head-nods to the finest show in contemporary Rap radio. This is way more than just a simple podcast, and not just by name. The self-acclaimed ‘Portly Boys’ Dan Large and Drew Huge dont only draw the old to the new, they bring a certain unapologetic understanding to the airwaves, not too dissimilar to the Ego-Trip Book of Rap lists or J-Zones Gator$-n-Fur$ broadcasts, the Fat Lace Spodcasts make no concessions to any group of listeners. Essentially, they have a very specific comedic honesty with the banter, while entertaining the listeners with good and great music. I dont normally hear this kinda craic unless im sat around a table with pint glasses sitting on it !

They have the capacity to drop gems from artists like Chill Rob G, The Skinny Boys along with unreleased Sid & B-Tonn. They play Sir Ibu-Hamza based skits by Jaz, they make jokes about why Dan buried his old pet fish Frick & Frack down the loo [He Shouldnt Have Done It], and of course it wouldnt be the Fat Lace Show without obscure Hip-Hop youve probably never heard before; MC Woodsmoke Rock anyone?

‘Shout outs to the mans them’ as ever.

One response to “Fat Lace Spodcast # 8 – Presented by Daniel Large and Andrew Huge

  1. big up ya vest home slice

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